A Juggling Act: Sophomores

Sophomore year is kind of awkward in its own right. You’re not quite an upperclassman, but you’re sooo over being at the bottom of the heap. You’re probably at the point where you want to start making a name for yourself, so you’ve picked up some cool new activities like lacrosse and underwater basket weaving in the hopes of branching out and meeting some awesome new people. That’s great!! This is the time to start exploring your interests. At the same time though, all those activities can run you ragged if you’re not careful. Beware of spreading yourself too thin and becoming way too involved with everything. You don’t want to have a panic attack at your twelfth club meeting of the week when you realized you haven’t had the time to even start working on that Popsicle stick bridge for physics that’s due the next day.

Yes, colleges love to see that you’ve been actively involved with your school outside of your (no doubt) stellar academics, but they value quality much more than quantity. Trust me on this. Start out with a few new things that truly interest you. Don’t join clubs just because your new bestie from home room talked you into them. When you’re doing things you like, you’ll be much more likely to stay committed and contribute great things that will translate into standout entries on your résumé. And, with a bit of planning, you might actually have a bit of sanity left over to use on that Popsicle stick bridge. If you’re anything like I was as a physics student, you’re going to need it!

PS: This is the year to start narrowing down your college choices. Visit campuses and get an overall idea of what you’re looking for. If you can pinpoint your dream school now, even better. You’re not going to have the time to do all this during your junior year, nor will you want to when you actually have a free minute to do so. Make your life easier and start early. Trust me on this.

– Brittney C.

  • Mai McCarthy

    I felt so cool visiting colleges as a sophomore! Besides that, though, it was incredibly helpful to be able to picture real colleges and real college life; what the dorms were like, how big the campuses were, etc. It definitely helped me narrow down my potential list as a junior and finalize my college list as a senior.