Campus Visit Scavenger Hunt

I’m the kind of person who likes to make everything fun. Life is an adventure, and treating it as such makes everything more enjoyable. So as you trek your way through the many campus visits that are undoubtedly before you, keep it light and make it exciting with a scavenger hunt.

This list covers everything; all the things you need to see and do, plus a few quirky things just for fun. So grab your family, load up the car, and conquer those campuses!


  1. The inside of a dorm
  2. A map of the campus (use it to chart your own course and discover new things)
  3. Something that made you think, like a quote etched on a building
  4. The student life center/ student union
  5. Sidewalk chalking
  6. The mascot
  7. Your favorite building on campus
  8. A comic from the student newspaper
  9. Something you love about the campus
  10. A picture with a student (be sure to ask them about their experience at the school)
  11. A place where books are housed
  12. Something you don’t like about the campus
  13. A “quad”
  14. A classroom
  15. A bulletin board with flyers (use this to remember what types of activities are offered)
  16. Something unique and quirky, like Bubblegum Alley at Cal Poly or Usen Castle at Brandeis
  17. A sports stadium or arena
  18. 5 pictures of the surrounding city
  19. 5 items that are the school’s colors
  20. A cool statue or monument
  21. Pizza from a campus cafeteria
  22. A science lab
  23. Notes from an info session
  24. Something fun to do on campus, like a game room or indoor rock wall


Be sure to take pictures of all this good stuff. You can look back on them with fond memories, as well as use them when you’re deciding which college is best for you.

We always love hearing from you, so feel free to share your adventures with us by posting your photos on our Facebook or Twitter pages!

Bon Voyage!

–Brittney Coulter