Consultant Appreciation Week

Every year at Cram Crew, we like to appreciate our consultants’ hard work—talking to parents, coordinating clients, sitting in traffic, and seeing clients every day of the week, by showering them with food and FABULOUS prizes. This year, we dedicated the week of May 14 to this celebration. We provided food every day and gave out daily prizes, including movie and baseball tickets.

Our week looked something like this (as relayed to by our very own consultant manager, Jake):

Monday, May 14th

Breakfast Bar

  • 9:30AM – 11:00 AM— Come help yourself to a hearty breakfast: Bagels, parfait, fruit, granola, juice, and more!

Tuesday, May 15th

Sandwich Bar

  • 11:30AM – 2:30PM—Make your own tasty sandwich! Choose from a selection of meats, bread, condiments, beverages and chips.

Wednesday, May 16th

Sundae Bar

  • 12:30PM – 2:30PM—Beat the heat with some amazing ice cream, banana splits, and condiments. While you’re here, take some for the road!

Thursday, May 17th

Nacho Bar

  • 11:30AM – 2:30PM —Enjoy your fill of nachos, a popcorn machine, and candy. Movies….anyone!?

Friday, May 18th

Raffle Drawing + Outdoor BBQ Event at Cram Crew!

  • 1:00PM – 6:00PM —Stick around for a smorgasbord of Cram Crew-style BBQ goodness, featuring Chef Deepak:  Chicken, beef, burgers, hotdogs, shrimp, and other delightful things cooked on a grill.
  • 4:00PM – Grand Prize Drawing:  3 days, 2 nights stay in Austin, TX.


Here at Cram Crew, we love our consultants! Watch the slideshow below or click “View All” to check out pictures from the events!


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