Cram Crew and Reading Aces: Embracing a One-on-One Approach

Cram Crew and Reading Aces announce partnership that fosters a one-on-one approach for after school literacy program.

The premise is simple: teen volunteers at Reading Aces read aloud with at-risk elementary students. The goal? To improve language acquisition, literacy development, achievement in reading comprehension and success in school all while providing a strong academic relationship.

“We support any initiative that gives back to our community,” said Deepak Thadhani, president and CEO of Cram Crew. “We recognize our responsibility as a local company to support our local community and the organizations that are making a difference in it. We encourage our clients to get involved with community service efforts that will prove to be a meaningful experience.”

Reading Aces was founded by a high school student in 2009 with a goal of emphasizing the importance of and benefits of community service, while promoting the power of one-on-one oral reading.

Reading Aces currently has 150 mentors and has reached 300 children in locations that include HISD elementary schools and the Houston Parks and Recreation’s community centers. Mentors volunteer from local Houston high schools that include Lamar High School, Memorial High School, Clear Lake High School, St. Thomas High School, Stratford High School, The Emery/Wiener School, Incarnate Ward Academy, Trafton Academy and St. Agnes Academy. At the end of each semester, Reading Aces children will receive free books donated by BooksBetweenKids.

Each mentor is asked to donate a minimum of 10 to 20 hours of reading per semester. Cram Crew will provide test preparation discounts to mentors that donate a full semester of volunteer hours.

For more information on how to get involved with Reading Aces, click here.