Full Steam Ahead, Cram Conference 2014

As a student, you probably know that summer is a time for sitting back, relaxing, and forgetting everything you just learned in school.

As a parent, you probably know that summer is a time for planning, preparing, and getting ahead for the fall madness.

As Cram Crewvians, we know that summer is the best time for us to evaluate the year we’ve just had and look toward the future. Every June, our office staff sits down and discusses the challenges we’ve faced in the past year. We use the (very) temporary lull of summer to collect our thoughts, gather new ideas, and implement them before the leaves begin to turn.

This June, however, it wasn’t just the office staff bringing ideas to our conference room table. Eight experienced consultants were elected to represent the Field Team at our discussions, and boy did they ever!

You see, though many of us who work in the office are former consultants ourselves, we’re not in your homes every day. We don’t see what our consultants see all the time. So when we ask ourselves, “what can we do to be even better?” we don’t always have a realistic idea of what is achievable.

Having Caroline B., Heidi C., Justin D., Max G., Sam J., Emma L., Mark M., and Claire S., present really helped us devise applicable ideas to improve Cram Crew’s services and your experience. We’re excited to get to work on the ideas we’ve all been brainstorming, and we’re sure that next summer will be even better!