Get Personal With Your University

You have a blind date Friday night. Instead of showing up in your 1998 Accord and letting on that you’re a champion trombonist and chess player, you borrow your dad’s Camaro and dress in your older siblings’ greek gear. Your date may or may not be impressed for the night, but the probability of you two developing a long-term relationship is pretty unlikely. You’ve most likely sabotaged your chances for love because you haven’t shown them who you really are.

The same thing is true with applicants and universities. In order to make sure you will be a good match for each other, you should be as genuine as possible. Your essay is a chance to introduce the real you, not someone you only think the university will be impressed by. Because the truth is that your date probably leads the marching band after chess club and you just missed your shot at the real thing.

Quick Tips:

–          Celebrate the quirky, special, and odd things that make you you.

–          Have clear starting and stopping points, and show growth.

–          Keep it real.

–          If you aren’t an accomplished novelist, stick to hard facts.

–          With a positive attitude, it’s okay to talk about your failures.

–          ‘”Be genuine. The essay should reflect what you want to write, not what you think [admissions boards] want to hear”. – Marquette University

–          “[Colleges] want to make sure you can compose an essay with a coherent thought; that you have the ability to string together a few sentences and express an idea”. – Marquette University


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In a nut shell, universities want to assign a personality to your application. Show them who you are, so you, and they, don’t miss out on a perfect match.


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