How to Finals Week

Well, it’s that time of year again. Whether you’re in middle school, high school, college, graduate school, med school–whatever type of school–finals are upon us.

Whether it’s your first time or last time enduring the trauma and drama that is this week (or two), we thought we’d have our favorite funny people depict the seven stages of finals.

1. Facing the reality: 

giphyYou will not get to do your favorite things. Simple as that. Sleep, eat, go out with friends; they do not exist to you this week. Only you, your textbooks, and caffeine.

2. Denying the reality:


Finals? What finals! Ha! Life is for the living!

3. Accepting the reality: 


One week left. There’s still time. Right? Yes. Maybe?

4. Cramming:

Now that you’ve spent a good four days grappling with the facing/denying/accepting complex of your impending doom, it’s time to get to work. If you’re on top of your studies, this will be more of a light review session.


If you are not so on top of your studies, it will be an all out cram. And hey, we’re here to help with that!


5. Delirium 


I haven’t slept in four days! My coffee is starting to speak to me! Are there donuts floating before me or am I dreaming? Have I been reading Macbeth for too long?

6. The Point of No Return


Also known as test day. You’ve done what you can, and now it’s time for it to all end. No time for regrets, only time for knowledge!

7. Freedom


You did it! Now, go home, go sleep, go live your life!