Getting Your Portfolio Ready for Design/Art Schools Pt. 1

So, you want to submit a portfolio for Art/Architecture/Design school. Don’t freak out. It’s ok. If you like art and design it’s easy and fun to do. There is one thing you should remember though: even if a portfolio is not required, you should submit one. This portfolio is your chance to show this school your personality and the creativity that they would miss out on by not accepting you.

Freshman – Sophomore Year

Do something creative everyday.

Everyday is an opportunity for you to flex your creative muscles. This will be good practice for when you are in art/design school and a good habit to keep if you are going to live the artist/design life. Every day, try to create something. Anything. A painting, a sculpture, a sketch. Make an idea visual, design an improvement to a product, or simply take a photo. If you keep this up during your early high school years, you will have a big body of work to choose from when you start getting your portfolio organized. Doing something creative everyday is also a great way to discover your interests and practice new techniques. Avoid things in pop culture like e-cards, redrawing your favorite anime characters, memes, and instagram. Generally, you should avoid using computer-generated artwork. Art schools are looking for what a student can do and not what a computer program can do for them. These tools will only hinder your creativity.

– Lara R.

Be on the lookout for parts two and three in the coming weeks!

  • rmarfil

    Like other aspects of college applications, it seems like its best to get started early on your portfolio as well. Great post, Lara!

  • Fernanda Z.

    I can’t wait to see the rest of it! Great advice!