Four-Legged Colleagues

This time last year, a few of us in the Cram Crew office were trying our best to promote the idea of an “office dog.” We cited words like “family members”, “increased productivity”, and “therapy” in our attempt to convert others. By mid-June, though, it was obvious the idea wasn’t fetching.

So you might imagine our surprise when, one mid-March morning, we discovered Deepak had taken in a dog one of our clients had rescued. We were thrilled and incredulous! The young, rambunctious Brewsky quickly stole our hearts and became our office mascot. Eager to make himself known, you may have seen him sneaking into meetings, or lounging in our offices. Brewsky has certainly added pep and excitement to our daily work lives!

Of course, once the door opened for Brewsky to come into the office, other four legged family members joined us in the office. Kristen has brought her beloved Layla, whose sweet demeanor and unwavering adoration has made us all say “awwww” more than once; Lara has brought tiny, fluffy Keaton (his very miniature stature instantly melts hearts!); and Nicole has brought Stella and Samba to befriend newcomers at our Katy location.

Becoming a dog-friendly workplace is not without its challenges, though. We’ve unconsciously developed new office etiquette:

  • a closed door now means “we don’t want to be slobbered on right now—come back later”
  • delivery-trucks now mean “quick, protect the mailman!”
  • an empty desk generally means the dog has taken someone for a walk
  • hallways, littered with half-chewed tennis balls and bones, have become playgrounds
  • the “pitter-patter of little feet” is no longer a euphemism, it’s an announcement

We’re embracing the challenge of welcoming our furry friends into the office, and so far it’s been a delight. Meet all of our canine companions on Instagram!