The Importance of High School Résumés

By Tyler Segura

When applying to college, there are many moving parts that need to be considered. You will likely submit your standardized SAT or ACT scores, transcripts detailing your academic achievements throughout high school, and essays that reflect a personal exploration of who you are. On top of these, it is imperative that students also submit a résumé to the universities to which they are applying. But what goes on a résumé and why is it necessary?

The résumé is the perfect time to detail any and all activities that would not be reflected through test scores, on transcripts, or not entirely expounded upon in essays. Essentially, this part of your application will detail what you have been doing in school besides shooting for high academic achievement. Per our guidelines at Cram Crew, we have seven different headings you can include on your résumé: Extracurricular Activities, Leadership, Honors and Awards, Work Experience, Community Service, Summer Programs and Travel, and Skills and Hobbies.

Remembering all that you have done in high school is no easy feat. You may remember that you are a leader in a particular organization but forgot that you were once a general member. Or perhaps you remember doing community service but forgot that you received an award for dedicating many hours to a project. Our consultants and editors are here to help. They are trained to ask you questions and pull for information that would make your résumé present you in the best possible light. They will also help you organize the information in such a manner that you best accomplishments are highlighted first. As a team—you, consultants, and editors—will make sure that you are satisfied with your résumé and excited for the change it will bring in your life.

As such, a developed résumé is important and necessary. Universities are looking for well-rounded students who have sought out opportunities and experiences that have helped them grow and mature. While this information can come across in your essays and grades, the résumé is the perfect time to spell it all out completely. Universities will see just how engaged you have been and what you have dedicated your time toward. At the same time, the résumé you create for college will serve as a strong basis as you seek internships and job opportunities both during and after college. The practice and dedication that you put in now will only serve to help you in the future.

While we would hope that you sign up for our College Readiness services (check out our services here), we do have other options available to those who do not want to commit to our full packages. On February 20th and March 18th, we will be hosting résumé workshops at our Katy location, and on April 22nd, we will be hosting a workshop in Austin. Our team of dedicated editors will work directly with students to craft engaging résumé that they can use for their college applications. If you are interested in signing up for these workshops or have any questions, please call our Client Services team at 713-464-2726.